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Everybody Has a Song -- Even Corporate America

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Take a sweep through Billboard’s music charts and you’ll most likely find today’s hits are, quite frankly, the same as yesterday’s — songs about love, pain and the whole crazy thing to borrow a phrase from Keith Urban. Who would know that better than megahitmaker Monty Powell, who has been called Urban’s right hand man when it comes to penning those common feelings into memorable hit songs? Monty’s discography is longer than Santa’s Christmas list, his songs gracing more than 50 million albums. In addition to his enormous songwriting talent, he produces and manages other talent, and along with partners, Billy Dean and Anna Wilson, has created yet another masterpiece. Song Sessions is a songwriting seminar for corporate America that uses the brilliant talent of the three celebrated artists to craft a unique company story one note at a time using a company’s greatest hidden asset — the creativity of its own people.

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